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Please note that as from 3 April 2005 the live pins of every 10amp and 15amp flat pin plug must comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 3112: 2000 Clause 2.2.4 Insulation of plug pins. This clause will require that the live pins are insulated.

The change in the Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 3112 was introduced in response to a number of incidents including fatalities involving plugs partially removed from a socket outlet or cord extension socket, and some object such as a metal blind slat or the edge of a sheet of roofing iron, touching the exposed live plug pin.

No new product will be allowed to be sold in Australia after 3 April 2005 unless the plug has insulated pins complying with AS/NZS 3112: 2000. There will be no dispensation given for any product.

Policing of the insulated pin requirement will be conducted by all State regulators throughout Australia.

In Queensland any retailer found to have non-complying product being offered for sale will be issued with a notice from the Electrical Safety Office directing them to cease sale of the non-complying product. Failure to act in accordance with the requirements of the notice would result in legal proceedings being initiated under the Electrical Safety Act 2002

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All Jackson Industries product complied with this new specification since it came into effect on the 3rd April 2005. The above information was taken from the Electrical Safety Office website on 22/9/2003